Bespoke canine hydrotherapy services enabling your dog to maintain or achieve their natural balanced movement.

What is hydrotherapy?

Like us, dogs rely on their body's natural balance to move. When this balance is disrupted by injury, pain or age-related conditions, mobility can be affected.

Supported by us at all times, we make use of the natural buoyancy of warm water to enable unsteady dogs to stretch their limbs and may use gentle massage and foot placement techniques on our underwater pods. The results can be profound in restoring land-based movement by strengthening the core and specific muscle groups.

For those who come to us to improve general health and fitness, weight loss, or to build water confidence, we will make use of all of our heated pool to give them a healthy workout in a massively proprioceptively enriched environment.

We work “with” your dog, not “on” your dog


We treat every dog as an individual and by working together, we can build a programme of treatment to meet their individual needs.

There are many other benefits of hydrotherapy, including: 

  • Reduction of stiffness in the joints to improve movement 

  • Reduction of joint swelling

  • Improved muscle strength and range of motion

  • Improved body balance and gait pattern/correction of load bearing

  • Prevention of secondary complications

  • Increased mental stimulation

  • Improved blood and lymphatic circulation

  • All-round holistic healing

About us and
the centre

We are located in the village of Greenstead Green near Halstead in North Essex and just a 25-minute drive from Colchester and 30 minutes from Chelmsford. The centre is currently operated by fully qualified hydrotherapists who share a love for rehabilitation and the health and lifetime happiness of dogs.

All of our hydrotherapists completed their training at K9HS, who deliver gold standard training and rehabilitation services.


We believe that all dogs deserve to thrive and live their happiest, healthiest life possible.


We put the individual before the condition and will build a programme of therapy around their needs.


Our centre and pool area are perfectly designed for even the most physically challenged. The bespoke 5m x 2.5m pool enables easy access for our rehab clients and is fitted with a large underwater platform and resting areas. The pool is a perfect size for our more athletic dogs to improve cardiovascular fitness, for overweight dogs to improve their general fitness and for those who are building water confidence.

How to make an appointment

First, you'll need to come for a 1-hour initial appointment. This appointment gives us a chance to get to know each other and set some clear, realistic goals for your pet. We'll talk about their home life, carry out a health assessment, then we'll have a hydrotherapy session in the pool.


For more information on pricing and services, click on the link below. We're unable to treat your pet until you have returned the completed consent form signed by both you and your vet. You can download and print a copy below, or we can give you a copy if you would like to come for a centre visit.


If you have any questions, please get in touch using the form below.